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Robby Robot

Updated 9/18/2018

It's no question for any Tin Robot collectors to think that Robby is the first item must to have.

Robby is the world famous and the most popular Robot which everyone know, because Robby was the first machine which live with space family.

Movie was shown on 1950's, it is very famous MGM movie as named "Forbidden Plannet" .

Space Story is also on weekly TV program as name of " The Robinson lost in space" .

It is a story of 21 century's family life in space, and Robot become a part of family to live with.

Nomura Toys produced Robby robot as named "Mechanized Robot".

It is amazing product ! very sophisticated, the best finishing, very gimmick and surly beyond the Toy for kids.

This level of Robot have never been made in Toy market, So it truly say "Robot collection start from Robby and end by Robby".

Many type of Robby robot are produced by various Toy venders, and most of them are quite valuable in Market.

Definitely in past or future, No Tin Toy Robot exist more than Mechanized Robot (Robby).

Robby is truly the quintessence of Tin Robot.


Mechanized Robot - Rareness 2


Mechanized Robot made by Nomura Toys is the Robby Robot. There is quite number of Robby in market and still keeping by many collectors, but early version is fewer.

Early version is identical on closer of battery case. Early version is small knob and later one is not.

Action is that walking with moving piston, rotating eare antenna. It sounds simple, but very dignified and walking left and right directions. Trick is under legs, there is additional roller steer left and right.

A lots of reproduction parts are available in market for repair, and Osaka Buriki sell some of replace parts.

Original Robby has drive belt inside to move piston and antenna, but most of it are wear out.


Piston Action Robot - Rareness 1.8


One of Robby series by Nomura Toys, and controlled by wired remote control box.

Action is only move forward with moving piston inside. Action is quite busy, not like Mechanized Robot.

2 models are available Gold and Silver color model, and Gold is rare one.

Weakness is Head plastic doom, there is no replace parts, and may become no value if head was broken.



Planet Robot - Rareness 3.5


One of the best seller Tin Robot made by Yoshiya Toys who is famous for Robot and Space Toys.

There are 3 types models with different hand design, metal hand is the most value, rubber is second and then plastic one.

Using winding spring motor, walk with flint spark on face and chest.

Recently collection value was declined, because many of dead stock are founded. However this is one of items for Robot collector must have.



Space Trooper - Rareness 1.8


One of Robby series made by Yoshiya Toys. There is another model with human face.

Using friction wheel motor and move as pin walk.

Model has black and red color, and red one is slight expansive without any reason.

Robby the Robot - Rareness 4


Produced by Biriken in 90's as re-modeling version. There is no original one, so that it is remodeling.

At present, almost no value in market, but may some value in next 50 years. Who knows!


Robby the Robot - Rareness 4.5


Reproduction model made by Osaka Buriki and still selling in market.

There is many color of version, and good for display but of course no antic Tin Robot value.

This product is better finishing and close to original Nomura Robby.


Jupiter Robot - Rareness 3.5


One of Robby series made by Yoshiya Toys.

It made by all plastics in 70's, and not group of Tin Robot, but part of Robby series.

Action is poor and weak, walk with spark. There is electric motor version and different face one, Venous Robot, in market.

Hint for Robby Robot

Many of Mechanized Robot was repaired with reproduction parts, and very few has 100% originals. Especially Head doom was replaced many of them. Between original Head doom and reproduction one has different figure of tab on front fixture.

Market price of Mechanized Robot is over 150,000JPY regardless conditions, so that cheaper one may have serious damages and difficult to repair.。

Piston Action Robot has re painted one in market, because price is higher for gold color. Any damages on Head plastic doom is serious problem because may not found repair parts.

Dead stock of Planet Robot is available in market, so it is good timing to get it for future values increase. However these dead stocks are all sold out.



About Reproduction model

Robby's reproduction models are well manufactured and good finishing, but these are no antic value for collectors.

When Reproduction one became old after 50 years and just get old, but never become antic one. So that reproduction one is good for using as display or play for Kids. Original one is only keeping its value forever as antics, so that get original one regardless conditions.

It is only value.

However It is different story for reproduction boxes. Box is sometime same value to Robot itself. Because Boxes can not repair or difficult to keep original conditions. So that Boxes have certain value with original Robot even if reproduction one. It add value to Robot itself as same as to using reproduction parts for repair..


Value is increasing !!

Robby robot is still keep lots of fun and demand is higher than any other tin toys , so that market value keep increasing last 10 years. Recently complete model is selling over $12,000.


 Disassemble Robby





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