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Updated 10/17/2012


Robot Collectors might be failing to collector's-sick, once some number of Robot are on hand.

This sick makes for Collector to stimulate emotional purchase mind whenever he find Robot.

It just looks like a kid never stop crying front of Toy shop until he get what he want.

Tin Robot is so charming and gold value for Collectors, therefore he never mind to spend big money even worth to buy Mercedes.

Only Collector knows this precious moment when get what he looking for, regardless it's even piece of Junk..

Spending time, money and all knowledge just for repairing the piece of Junk metals.

Finishing up to fix all defective parts and turn switch on. After few moments,then Junk wake up and start moving !

That is the best moment for collectors than anything else.




Spaceman Smoking Robot - Rareness 1.8


One of the best Robot in 50's made by Linemer (Yonezawa) standing another side of Mechanized Robot.

Finishing is outstanding as well as Mechanized, very dignified walking and forwarding each arms. After walking, stop, circulate head light and smokes from mouth.

Smoking mechanism is well designed and become standard of smoking mechanism. Heated oil by electric and send pop air by dram for smoke from mouth. This amazing mechanism designed by Toy professionals and realized it excellent hand craft work.

Recently reproduction model are released from Japan (150,000JPY) and Taiwan (10,000JPY). Of course either one have no antic value in market.


Mr. Atomic - Rareness 1.2



The one of excellent Robot reputed in market made by Brand name of Cragatan (Yonezawa Toys) .

Battery operated and move by mystery action. Moving back and force with tapping sound, turn around when hit wall , keep moving around. Action is funny rather than gimmicks and lovely.

Production volume is extremely small, because few market acceptance at that time. So that Price is very expensive today, IE; At some auction quote is $10,000 for MIB class quality.



Television Spaceman - Rareness 2.5



One of Leading model of Alps Toys.

Action is walk with swing arms, circulate eyes, then stop , screen is started to show 3 space pictures go around. Power switch is antenna, and on when push down antenna.

Early model is metal antenna and metal legs, but late model use plastic for both antenna and legs with strange hand design. Value is quite different on both models.

Reproduction parts is available for antenna, but no any replacement for head plastic doom.


Mr. Mercury  - Rareness 2.5


Space work Robot made by Linemer and controlled by remote control box.

Using by remote control, walk forward and backward, and then pick up objects.

This Robot is heavy duty because made by steel metal rather than Tin metal. 3 models are produced and later model is made by plastics. Remote control box is so cheap compare to heavy duty body, and easy to broken but no replacement available.



Sparky Robot - Rareness 3.5


Typical model made by Yoshiya Toys. Quality and finishing is cheap, but looks typical 50's Robot design.

Pulling up head antenna, start to walking with flint sparking at eyes and mouth.

There are several different color and paintings and rear models are exist.

One of typical model of early 50's design looks.



Robot with Spark - Rareness 3.5


One of Yoshiya Toy's Robot, but not so popular in market. Moving forward with roller by winding spring motor, ad flint sparking on chest. Finishing is cheap and use shin metals.

Regardless low attention in market, Pink and Red color version with head propeller is very rare and high values.





High Wheel Robot − Rareness 3.5


Yoshiya Toys produced Gear Robot using same parts of Planet Robot. Major parts, Legs, Arms and inside mechanism is identical to Planet.

Push down antenna and start moving. Walk and rotate gears on chest with spark on moth.

There is 6 gears model and higher value than standard 4 gears model.

Spaceman Robot − Rareness 3.0


Made by Yoshiya Toys, and take after Robot with Spark, but better finishing.

Shoes is bit smaller, so walking is poorly with funny face. Raising hand and walking by winding spring motor. All movement is not strong enough working in space.

Just wonder why named Spaceman !



Atom Robot −Rareness 3.5


Using unique friction motor, move as mystery actions. To turn friction handle and move around to hit wall and turn around.

Only one models from Yoshiya Toys design as covered legs. Model has yellow eyes version, but same value in market.



Sparky Robot −Rareness 2.5


Spark Robot made by Noguchi Toys, and move forward by Wheel action with Sparks on chest window.

There is 3 models with different type of Hands, Early version is Robber, then Metals and have arms. Early version with out no Noguchi brand mark is oldest and value with head propeller model.




Mighty Robot −Rareness 3.5


One of the best selling model by Noguchi Toys. There is walking version instead of wheel action.

Later Ichiko Toys produced by license from Noguchi, but no antic values.

Action is just as same as Sparky Robot nothing more.




R-35 Robot −Rareness 2.5


The best selling Robot made by Masuda-Ya that famous for 5 guns This model is leading one to move by Pin-walk action. Action is just like "This is Robot", Swinging arms left and right, light on eyes, walk forward and backward controlled by remote box.

Early version is metal box controller with Robot pictures, and later model is just plastic box. Model have Blue and Silver color, but value is same on each models.



Directional Robot −Rareness 2.0


One of best selling covered legs type Robot made by Yonezawa Toys. Moving around by mystery action, light on eyes. Action is as usual hit bump and turn around, but face is like monkey's rather than Robot.

Head have openings for replacing light bubble, because often light was dead in shortly.





Mr. Robot - Rareness 2.0


The best product covered leg Robot made by Cregstin (Yonezawa), and named as MR. Robot.

Action is as same as other Yonezawa model, like Directional Robot, moving around by mystery action and mechanism in side of head doom rotate with lighting.

Head part is very important and many of them are cracked or broken There is no replacement part for head doom, so damages cause no value in market.




Thunder Robot - Rareness 1.0


Very very rear Robot made by Asakusa Toys and the most difficult one to find in market. Production volume is very little and most of them are exported, so that very few are remained at domestic.

This Robot is one of the top product in represent 50's Tin Robots as well as Robby, Smoking Robot and Mr. Atomic.

Action is very gimmick, out look is like Space creatures, Walk with rotate head propeller and eye lighting, Stop, raise arms and shoot laser gun with sounds.

Propeller is weak point and easy to broken by pulling,, because gear is easily coming off.


Big Robot − Rareness 3.0


Made by Hiro Toys, Using winding spring motor, walk step by step with flint spark on chest. Finishing is poor, like $1 kids toy, and made by combination of plastics and metal.

Model is during transition from Tin to plastics, and Hiro Toys was playing market in very short time, so rareness is high but not so popular in market.



Venus Robot - Rareness 3.0


Plastic Robot made by Yoshiya taking after Jupiter Robot design. However this is the smallest size in Electric Motor Robot, and height is only 17cm with funny face look.

Design and finishing is just poor like $1 kids toys, but no kids may have interest in such a Robot. This might be reason that few product in market and make rareness high.


Television Spaceman - Rareness 2.0


Made by Alps, winding spring motor version of original Television Spaceman. However completely different product levels.

Walking by pin action and space picture on screen is rotating.

Not selling well and less interest, except made by Alps. Volume in market was small, but there is good condition one in market.


Robotank R1 - Rareness 2.0


Large size Robot made by Nomura Toys. Series have Z1 Talking action version and smaller mini version R1.

Moving by mystery action, hit, bumping ad turn around, moving control lever by both arms and shooting around.

During 60's most of Toy vender produce Fighting Robot, because of fun movies of Space War series. This is top of Fighting Robot with mystery action.

One of must have item of Nomura Toys products for every collector. However no value if head doom had damages.





About Ranking of conditions:

It is difficult to set ranking of antic products, because based on personal opinion. So that definition of each ranking is shown here for reference purpose


This meant as New, un-played, no scratch, complete condition with original box. It is like a dead stock items.

C9-9.5:Near Mint

It is almost as New. un-played, slight aged by time goes by, only show on display, complete with original box.


It is some play with, small scratch, no rusting, no ware out, no missing parts, complete working condition.


It is play with, some scratch, small rusting, small ware , some repair,must working fine


It is missing parts, defective, not working, need care but must be able to repair.


Addition to: Box has certain value for Robot, so that only Box have some values and ranking separately from Robot itself.


Hint and Tips:

Robot is designed how to walk or move like a human. Many type of mechanism are invented by Toy Professionals. This mechanism is using by Gear and Cams only to balance and timing in right manners. It is complete difference from present Computer control Robot which is NO Interest at all. These mechanism are one of most interesting items for collector to find out.

This is the core of Tin Robot

Mystery Action: Other name is Bump&Go. When stop by obstacle, turn around and go some direction. Who knows which direction may go, so it call "Mystery Action"

Wheel Action: Wheels and shoes attached to clanking shaft and looks walking by legs. This action only go straight, move fast, no turning.

Pin Walk: Fix leg and moving crowing Pin left and right from bottom of legs, and walk forward and backward, but very slow.

Roller Walk: Bottom of legs has one way roller, and moving legs forward and backward. Walk like human and most typical walking mechanism in Tin Robot.

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