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How to take a part of Robby The Robot

Updated 8/25/2018

Mechanized Robot made by Nomura Toys Japan in 60's ,as known as Robby.
It may not have value of Five Gangs nor rareness of Thunder Robot.
However, Robby is still holding The Name of Tin Robot, because of outstanding mechanism as well as called "Mechanized Robot".
Sole and Pride of Nomura's Robot craftsmanship made it.

It is amazing product ! very sophisticated, the best finishing, very gimmick and it is surly beyond the Toys.

This level of Robot have never been made in Toy market, So it truly say "Robot collection start from Robby and end by Robby".

Many type of Robby robot are produced by various Toy venders, but most of them are quite valuable in Market.

Definitely in past or future, No Tin Toy Robot exist to be more than Robby

This is Special pages about How to take a part and to fix to The Robby which I had gotten 35 years ago with fatal conditions.

The first step, take look over Robby to find which is point.

Specification of Robby

Size:Height 33cm x Width 12cm
    Weight 750g
    Power Type D battery x 2 (Located legs on left and right)
Action: Slide move of left and right legs and tune to right direction。
      Up and Down of Piston inside of head dome and turn ear antenna。
      Light on Dome and Chest。
Re-Production part is available to replace Head Dome and hands.
Early version shows small button opener for battery case, but later model have flip opener.
It is identical point to determine Early or Late version model.
Back view of Robby is great, because use thicker metals than typical tin robot.
It's weight become as 750g which is heavier than 500g as usual Tin Robot.

Important Key parts
 Head Dome     Grip       Battery Box     Roller      Dome Screw

Point of attention from outside view。

Head Dome: Cracks or scratch occurred often. Most of Robby have aging problem, so that reproduction part is available.
Grip: As well as Dome, Grip also have aging problem, but re^production part is available for replacement.
Battery Box: the most rusting part of Robby. Leakage from Battery cause serious damage on body metal and difficult to repair.
Roller: Right Roller has unique mechanism to stare Robby to right direction. This is very interesting.
In keeping Robby at show case, weight of Robby cause pressure on Roller . It is necessary to have retainer bar or hung up during stock keeping, otherwise Roller have damaged.
Detailed of replacing Roller is shown on section below.
Dome Screw: Only this screw on Dome .


1)Replace Roller

 bottom of Leg    Tool      Clip at Shores  Clip(other side)  Remove Sole

It is easy to take out Sole of shoes. It is just fixed by 2 Clips. Using Tool. to lip up these 2 clips and then come out.
Point of attention, Clips may come off when often to move on and off.

On right shoe, there is mechanism to stare Robby to right direction.
This Roller mechanism is only for Robby and no other Robots has such a complex one.

Roller is aging and need to replace, but it is quite troublesome task。

Here is Roller mechanism. It is build by thick metal, so it is a bit hard to replace Roller.
Robby is not cheap toys and build as real mechanical features.
I see the Sprits of Robot Craftsmanship to build it as something special.
After take a part of Roller, It is weared and rusted. There is no question to replace with new one as expected.
However, there is no re-production part available for Roller, so that I must find something alternatives.
Searching alternatives, but it is very difficult to find right one.
Roller must be placed between green Wheels. How ?
In order to come off wheel, entire Roller mechanism must be opened and place Roller with wheels.
After long search of Roller alternatives, Water sealing piston can be replaceable with original Wheels.
There is various size of water sealing parts , and must be just fitting size
It is only $1.00 ! from Home Center.
Take look this ! finding just right size and completely fit to wheels.
It took more than 2 days to find alternatives, but made it!.
Now completed to fix Roller problems.

2)Take a part of body and replace Drive Belt

I is not so difficult to take a part of body which ic no more complexity than ordinal robot, but the step by step procedure must be followed, otherwise it is problem.
To start at Head is the step one.
Here shows how to replace Drive Belt which is need to replace for most of Robby. Copy Robby, like Osaka Toys, is used gear in stead of belt.
Belt is easy to get the parts shop as today's plastic belt.

Dome Screw    exhaust plate   Side Seal     Clips on Back    Drive Belt   Motor and Gear

Step by Step disassembly

Take out screw on Head and take out Head Dome.
Dome is fixed by front and back clamps, and remove Dome gently from body by Screw Driver.
Be careful not to brake clamps of Dome. It is easy to have cracks.e
After remove Dome, take out Propeller.
This Propeller part is also tied up Body.
Removed Propeller part. Be careful not to brake clamps.
Take out Exhaust Plate and then find clips to tied up body.
Take out clips.
Take out Side Sealing rail at both side. There are 3 tied up points.
Clips must off from bottom at same sequence and shoulder are the last.
Sealing Rail is taken off from bottom to shoulder. Be careful not to bend rail.
Here is the last tied up point.
Behind of Ear, there is Clip and loose it by Tool.
Now Robby body is opened!
Here are Parts which are need to take out.
Sequence is left (Dome is the first) to right.
It is standard Belt which can be purchase any parts shop. Price is $1.00 !
Size is φ3o.
Measure size of belt and glue up by heat.
Check size of Belt, but not too tied.
Remove Power switch panel for taking out body front.
Now Bobby body become 3 major parts. Completed disassemble.
Gear Box is very durable, but mechanism is quite simple.
Recommend to clean up Motor Brush. It cause bad contact of electrical problem.
Assemble all parts.
Now Robby is completed and ready to walk !!

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