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The Top of Tin Robot Vender, Horikawa/2

Updated 5/2/2019

Horikawa was founded in 1959 as Tin Toy vender, and it has (SH) trade mark.

They started to produce dream making Robot and Space Toys, and then moving toward the top Robot toy vender.

Early Robot model was using winding spring as motor, and then replaced by electric motor model with AA battery.

Early model is about 22 cm height with thin tin metal, and it's called 1st generation and then 2nd generation came middle of 60's.

This 2nd generation is the most prosper time, and many new venders are coming in market to announce variety of products.

Size of Robot become bigger and 30 cm height, implementing a lot of new action features using very complex mechanism and tricks.

It is golden time for Tin Robot, and Horikawa produced various type of unique Robots which telling history of Tin Robot.

In 1970, Plastic become popular material even for Toys, it's 3rd generation. Many parts of Tin Robot are replaced by plastic.

Because of cost reduction and mass production purpose, but Value of Tin Robot are declined.

The Robot made by toy professionals was vanished and gimmick of Tin Robot is also disappeared.

Unfortunately collection value of Robot Toy are completely lost.


Space Astronaut -Rareness 3.0


One of Space Explorer model with TV function. Door on chest is flip down and expose TV screen, in stead of antenna on shoulder.

This is very gimmick and very rear model, especially face is circle design ,Taihoon version, is very valuable.


Star Strider - Rareness 4.5


It is early model of Fighting Robot and released 1965. Model is well selling and produced volume, but machanisum is simple, so that typical model for replication item. Value is not so much because too many in market except early model with box. Action is Rotate-Matic.


Drill Robot - Rareness 4


Late 70's model and all made by plastics.

Gear on chest and Drill on arms are rotated. Also selectable switch Stop and walk action, however action is too simple and less gimmick.


Space Scout - Rareness 4.5


Almost last version of Video Robot series, and there are no value as collector items. Picture is shown on screen, but nothing more.

It just kids toy and nothing more.




Mars Killer - Rareness 4.5


These models are difficult to categories in Fighting Robot, but come back model of Rotate=Matic version.

Combination of metal and plastic, but may not have any value until next 50 years.

It may just kid toy for play...

Star Killer - Rareness5


This is replica model made by Metal House. However it is not exact replication of Horikawa. Because no Horikawa model to represent this Star Killer one.

Looks combine Head of Attacking Martin and Fighting Root body..




Space Scout -Rareness 1.3


Early version of Horikawa's Fighting Robot series and Astronuts version of Mr.Zerox. There is similar model to replace Head parts as well as Other Horikawa's models.

This model is silver metal plating, it's unique, but finishing is not as good as today's, so that most of model has peal of plating. Chest door and battery case is painted.

This model is few in market, so value is relatively high.





Mr. Zerox - Rareness 1.5



The leading model of 60's Horikawa Fighting series with electric motor version. Action is identical as early 2nd generation Fighting Robots, Walk with swing arms, Stop and open chest and then shoot gun,

Unique is sound makings. Head is part of sound box for loudness, and produce noisy shooting sound.

Model has different color and different head with Space man face. Silver color one is the most value in market.




Mr. Hustler - Rareness 1.2


The last model of Horikawa's action Tin Robot during 60's and early 70's.

This is the last and the best Tin Robot from Horikawa made by Toy professional hand crafting. There is no Tin Robot like Hustler and o comparison to it's gimmick. Shoulder moving like accordion, speed is changing, light on chase on and off, make sound and keep walking. It amazing Actions !!

It has new type of action with new mechanism and new tricks. It appears last sprit of Tin Toy makers and vanishing 50's Dream Makers.

This is the last model of and very few in markets. Value is the most high in Horikawa Robot and the highest price in any other model of Horikawa made.


Fighting Robot - Rareness 2.5


One of Fighting Robot series with Astronauts Head. All action, including shooting gun, is as same as other Fighting model, but Loop Shoulder antenna and head top light is only this model.. Early model is all metal with switch on back side and late model is plastic red shoes and switch on front. Of course early version is higher value in Market.





Fighting Robot - Rareness 2.5


One of the most actions in Horikawa's Fighting Robot series, Up to shooting chest gun is as same as other models, but addition to these , swing shoulder antenna and rotate head gear. Model have loop shoulder antenna with head light model, but value is higher for head gear model. Late model is plastic red chose and switch on front. Of course early version is higher value in Market. Only one kind box is available regardless Head Gear or Head light version.




Patrol Robot - Rareness 1.2


Released late 60's one of action series by Horikawa.

Around that time, Horikawa produce gimmik action Robot rather than best selling Fighting series. Because Tin action Robot market is coming down and loose market fun . In order to recover to decline fun users, these new action Robot produced , but small volume because shrinking market. However other hand there is a lot of collector items with rear and high value,.

Action of Patrol Robot is siren sound and Meter on chest and light only. No gimmicks.


Thunder Robot - Rareness 1.2


The last model of Horikawa's Fighting Robot series, but slight different from other Fighting Robots.

Shooting chest gun is as same as other model, but guns are moving back and force when shooting. This action is like Super Astronuts, except Rotate-Matic.

This model has less gimmiyk, but few production because of end of Horikawa's business life.

Value is higher because few production and near final model from Horikawa.


Roto Robot - Rareness 2.5


One of Horikawa Fighting Robot series in 70's, and made by combination of Plastic and Metal. This model is produced during transition of Robot materials from Tin to Plastics.

Action is poorly, walk with rotating body and shooting gun. This model has no complex action as Horikawa's used to, just continue simple action repeatedly.

One of uniqueness is looks out band of Horikawa's taste and like some other company made it.

These small size Plastic+Metal Robot is typical at last part of Horikawa's business in market.



Engine Robot - Rareness 2.5


Electric motor version of Engine Robot after winding spring motor. Action is exactly same on both models, except lighting on head and eyes.

This model is made all by Tin metal, and take over 60's Horikawa taste. Tin is very thin and plastic window on chest is very weak and easy to cracking or break. There is no replace part available, and very few is remain as complete condition.

Price and value is high if complete conditions.



Special Tool for Tabs

How to use tool for Tab


Hint about Horikawa

Early models are made all by Tin Metals, but in later model, Head, Arms and legs are replaced by Plastics. So, Price is declined if any plastic part is used because away from Tin-Metal world.

Must Handle with care for Plastic parts, because after 30 years Plastics lost its flexibility and very easy to have crack, especially Battery box is most weak parts and easily cracked when place battery. Please handle gently.

Early model is very difficult to take a parts. If you have wrong sequence, it is caused serious problem to re-assemble, and may not be restored as it was.
Sequence usually start from taking out Head , take off chest and open body. Must need special tool to vent tabs behind hole. Special tool can be made by your self, because may not find at tool shop.

Motion may not be in balance during rotating or walking, bcause of weight of battery is heavier to compare with battery in 30 years ago.
It was much lighter than today's one. Most of Rote-Matic have fail down during rotating, and cause problem of broken electric light in side.

Horikawa's logo (SH) is usually not marked and even most of them are no logo, but "made in Japan" note is there only inside of battery case.

There is few reproduction parts in market, especially plastic parts, like window, are no replace parts. Please be careful to handle plastic parts. Some Plastic window has reproduction part, but it is too far from originals.

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