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The Top of Tin Robot Vender, Horikawa

Updated 10/22/2012

Horikawa(SH) is well known as The Top of Tin Robot vender, also recognized to produce

many type of Robots and playing market longer than any other Robot venders.

There is no vender like Horikawa to produce such a number of different types of Robot with leading functions.

Innovative design of actions by new mechanism are quite unique and it's difficult for other venders to compete.

However in 80's, Horikawa started to produce more plastic use for Robot in order to meet lower price and mass production.

That was the time for Horikawa to loose it's uniqueness and products value, and same time market is declining.

As result, Horikawa must gone out from market as well as destiny of the time ending of Tin Toys.

Without Horikawa, History and Prosper of Tin Robot in 50's never be made.

Thanks for Horikawa's effort in the Tin Robot World !!

Space Attacker - Rareness Q

QuoteF35,000`45,000 JPY

Sub-version of Attacking Martin and face is Astronaut. The number in market is smallest in Attacking series, especially silver color is the most rear model. Action is as well as other series, such as walk with swing arms, stop, open chest, shoot guns and close chest, then start walking.

Attacking Martin - Rareness R


Leading model of Attacking series and the most produced. Early model was made by all Tin metals, but arms and head is replaced by plastics in later model. Japanese name is "Uchu Majin" and final model is plastic hand.


Attacking Martin iMetal Door) - Rareness 2.5


Metal Door version of Attacking Martin. This is small production volume, so one of rear model in this series.

Action is same as other models in series..



Mars Attacker -Rareness 1.5

Quote F50,000`80,000JPY

Mars series have wheel version other than caterpillar version. Market value is higher for caterpillar one.

Forward, stop, raise hand with voice, and space craft on chest screen. Action is very gimmick and unique.

Fighting Robot - Rareness R


Flag ship model in Fighting series. Fighting robot have several models with different face, and shoulder antenna, Early model placed power switch on fount, and Late model have plastic legs.

Walking with swinging arms, stop and shoot swing guns.


Super Astronaut - Rareness 3.5


Head design is astronaut. There are models replace with plastic head and arm. Production volume is not so much, but lower value in the market,

Walk, stop, pop up chest and shoot gun with rotate body.

Super Astronaut - Rareness S


Most popular model in Fighting series. Walk, open chest and shoot gun with rotating body. This model is famous for "Rotate-Matic" action model, and there is many models based on Rotate Matic. One of most easy to get in market and low price.

Space Explorer - Rareness R


Typical model of Television Robot series, and space picture is shown on chest screen . There is model with parabola antenna, but mostly reproduction parts, and plastic head version.

Walk with rote antenna and show screen.

Machine Robot - Rareness 2.5


One of fun Robot, Fighting Robot body with mechanical gear on chest. Walk with moving mechanical gears and swing antenna on shoulder. Late model have plastic legs.

Most of them are have damage on chest plastic cover and replaced re production parts

Engine Robot - Rareness 1.5


Early 60's model of Horikawa's that use winding spring motor. 2 models are produced one is 2 gears and other is 4 gears late model. Early 2 gear model is very rear and most of them are un functional.


Space Explorer - Rareness 3.5


Using Space Explorer body, replace with 70's plastic Periscope Robot. Horikawa Robot is changing at this point to easy design simple Robot rather than complex and sophisticated design.

Horikawa is loosing its originality and become one of them Robot venders, and no more all Tin Robot produced.

Video Robot - Rareness S


In 70's most of all Horikawa Robot is made by Plastics and smaller size. These Robot are no more gimmick nor few value for collectors. This is the point of loosing value of Japanese Robot, Because Plastics make simple and easy for production and only for meet volume production, but never meet for collector's items.


Television RobotiWide Screenj - Rareness 3.5


The most popular model of plastic version of TV Robot., but few for wide screen version.

However those Plastic version have small value for collectors regardless wide screen or not.

This is just toys for kids.

Piston Robot - Rareness R


Bit better models in plastic Robots in 70's. Design and mechanism is back to original one. One of the best Robot in 70's with well designed combination of metal and plastic. Horikawa must intentionally produce this Robot as present the name of Robot Venders in Japan.

This is not toys for kids.

Engine Robot - Rareness 3.5


Late 70's model when almost Horikawa's out of business time. 100% made by plastics ad no more motivation to chase Robot as well as Tin Robot in 50's. There is no point take after Tin age taste.

Only funny is equipped old smoke mechanism, even no need to do so.

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