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Other Tin Toys Collection - Part 2

Updated 11/14/2012

Here is shown some of Tin Toys that purchased during seeking Tin Robot.

The first trigger to start collecting Tin Robot is the Book which bought at antic book shop.

Only just take looking book shop, but feel something different when saw that Book .

That Book was titled "Tin Robot Toy in 50's"

I purchased this Book and find many Robot Toys which remain in my mind

Several years later, find old Robot Toy at free market in old town which realized "it is one of on that Book".

This make big motivation to start collecting rest of Robots in that Book!!

That is the start of sick in collecting Tin Robot.



Bartender | Rareness 2.5


Bartender Toy made by Nomura Toys.

Typical robotics simulation movement of Bartender to make Cocktail This is well simulated, Shaking, pure to glass, move glass to mouth and drink up. After drinking face turn to red as drunker and smoke out from both ears. It is story telling that Bartender drink cocktail by himself and drank !!


Linemar Patrol Car - Rareness 2.5


Made by Linemar, very unique mechanical wired remote control car. Go back and forward, and stare handle by wire, but wire is too tough to be free move.


Ice Cream Boy and Photographer - Rareness S


Vender is unknown and what year is also.

Move by winding spring motor and go forward only. Toy is looks familiar with 60's taste.

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