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Updated 4/6/2014


Site Name
 ROBOTapedia  http://www.attackingmartian.com/  Very beautiful site with YouTube video
Mr. Jan's Robot http://home.earthlink.net/~misterrobot/ Not only Robot but many Space Toys
Sapporo Tin Toy web Pavillion http://www.geocities.jp/tintoypavilion/l Many type of Tin Toy are shown
Classic Tin Toy Company http://www.classictintoy.com/ Best site of replacement parts for classic tin toy repair
Toy Collector http://www.toycollector.com/ Worldwide online community site for toy and model collectors.
 GOODS MOVIES COLLECTION  http://harry-sky.sakura.ne.jp/gmc/  Fun Movies poster collection at 60', but also information about TV program at that time.


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